NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 75

“offer”. I do not “stand under you” because I am not your slave dear “administrating actor” and I do not “submit to” and/or “recognise” your fictional “Piece de theatre/ acting” authority. I don’t want to do business with you because I was “dragged” here by a ‘peace officer’ who did NOT see me breach the peace in the first place and who BREACHED MY PEACE. Besides, you all have a certain reputation for being deceitful, don’t give full disclosure, are guilty of treason and committing fraud, you give really bad service (shitty roads, health care, justice, governance, education, division, etc,etc), you don’t give any consideration in exchange in your offers and I have proof here that your place of business is FORECLOSED/DISSOLVED because you are guilty of treason for operating a slavery system. Unless there is a flesh and blood victim who makes a claim under common law….. Only GOD can judge ME! Being peacefully free and celebrating life is not a crime! This pretty much sums up the message of what I said when I appeared in front of those four judges. SOVEREIGN Soul…. And when the REAL ME leaves this physical “vessel”……. I will live on…… A FREE SPIRIT! The Truth Is…. You see our “governments”, “law enforcement”,” banking” and “judicial” system has nothing to do with real ‘natural Justice’….. Nothing in it is Natural. It’s about money and control. The only thing they care about is honouring/balancing the books and profiting from peoples ignorance while supporting an unlawful debt monetary system and increasing national fictional debts of nations. Their modo is…. Do what we tell you to do…. But don’t do what we do. Clearly, Sovereign Soul I am wants to be free and does not resonate well with that. Just because we have and are governed and subjected unlawfully to commercial Babylonian Roman Empire laws pretending to be catholic religion man made laws meant to enslave the mass and profit the few…… It does NOT mean we should obey and respect them. Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to SOVEREIGN “Pope” makes the lamestream each other…. to GOD… To the divine news in French Acadian Newspaper! beings that we are! In the same newspaper, on the VERY SAME DAY I was released from prison, there is an article about the SOVEREIGN Pope Francis. Lol! Yes…… it says it right there in the article. He can be a sovereign, who also happens to be guilty of crimes against humanity, but I have to spend 3 months in prison to prove I am SOVEREIGN…. King of my own domain! Isn’t that something! I know something…. I was born a FREEMAN/ There is NO REAL NATURAL REASON to bow to a FICTIONAL AUTHORITY! They are NOT God’s! We are free to recognize a Social “CODE” which is to (CO=Consciously, DE=Deceive) in a system based on “trust” (“In trust” between them) as a social “code” and NOT the Divine Word. We are free to cut away from false prophets and rules and get down to fundamentals. NO FICTIONAL authority can override the Truth.