NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 74

means “consent” and “submit” to do “business with us” so we can administer/have access/and profit from the bonds attached to your fraudulent birth certificate/slave #/ cusip #(the red # in back of your null & void/foreclosed/good-for-nothing birth certificate), while acting/pretending to be an “honorable” Judge serving real justice. “honorable people do business” around here on this “stage” (acting/Act’s). And if you catch on to our “ACT’s”…. we panic and don’t like stuff like that! It creates much cognitive dissonance! Do you understand? The enforcing officer and judge basically said…..Now…. If you don’t do what we tell you to do (submit/consent/take the offer/do business with us), we’ll pretend/ acting that you are the crazy one and try to send you for a psychiatric evaluation and/or send you to prison for 3 months so you can think things over. That’s how we I said………. No……your “honour”…..You are “acting” kinda crazy/funny yourself….. Because…. You can’t force me to do/sign ANYTHING. That would be called SLAVERY! I’m not “buying” your “BUSINESS”! And I am sorry….. But I don’t understand why you would “think” I would be stupid/crazy enough to “submit” and “accept” your Nope/Non-Acceptance/NO Consent to Slavery