NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 73

by consent. But in my case, they went beyond their lawful rights and still incarcerated me for three months without any victim making any claim under common law and without my consent. The reason why I refused to let them unlawfully take my rights away is because as a sentient living breathing human being, I do not consent to being treated as a corporate entity and unlawfully being subjected to commercial law which is the legislation of corporations. was acting/pretending to be a honest/honorable/hard working ‘peace officer’ serving the people. When I asked them if they were Peace officers, they said yes….. But when I asked them if they had seen me breach the peace….. They preferred to remain silent. I also asked them to provide ID, their business card and badge #. Their preferred to not give that information also, but wanted all my private information when they had not even seen me breach the peace. I Let me share my prison story... thought we are all equal….So…. In return, I also refused to give them the “name” I am/being/live in the geographical area which is owned by the “state” they needed called the Republic of Kanata ….. Not the in order to “identify” me as a corporate foreclosed/dissolved fictional Corporate for person slave. Basically a “citizen” on their profit operating a slavery system “Canada “ship” … That is not me. I am not a name, Inc” masquerading as for the peoples a piece of plastic or paper, a number, a “Governments” governing minds. corporate person slave (citizenship) in their fictional corporate Maritime Admiralty law The Story world (corporatocracy). I did not/do not consent to any of it. And I never will. Who I was arrested/kidnapped by the Corporate wants to be a slave and bow to a fictional for profit Royal Canadian Mounted police authority? Not me! No thank you! (RCMP) aka (the royal kings and queens Canadian edition horseman enforcers of The Offer slaves) against my will, without my consent, under protest and duress, So I went through four judges and was physically, mentally, emotionally, morincarcerated for three full months in a ally abused, locked in maximum security maximum security prison simply because prison simply because I refused to subI refused to “submit”, to “stand up”, and mit/consent to orders (in the name of the to “accept” an “offer” to “contract” and “do queen(“Crown” for profit corporation)) of business” with a foreclosed/dissolved adthrowing away (polluting) a perfectly good ministrator’s office (a judge enforcing combeverage I paid for with my hard earned mercial law in a “corporate for profit court”). worthless fiat currency monopoly money In the