NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 72

in the name of s o v e r e i g n t y by the living man... corbin All court systems from local to constitutional level operate in commerce under admiralty law, the law of the seas. These laws are known as legislative and statutory laws and at the higher levels they are known as admiralty law. In order for people to be governed and controlled by these laws which operate in commerce, the government needs to create a fictional corporate identity for individuals, by creating a trust in their name via their birth certificate registrations in the same way a ship is berthed, a human is birthed into commerce. This is done unwittingly by the parents registering their children without any disclosure by the governing bodies. The court is an independent corporation which operates for profit under admiralty law and gets paid by gaining access to the bond created by the birth certificate registration process. For them to apply these laws to individuals they require our consent and ask you to identify yourself as “the name” (your strawman) in their private court rooms, by doing this you are unknowingly consenting to give them jurisdiction over you and acknowledge your corporate identity, your ID document. The implications on society is that over time the bankers who control the courts have hijacked the judiciary and protected public servants who commit acts of treason by placing commercial law above that of human rights. Unless you consent to their jurisdiction, technically there is nothing that they can do to you. The fact is that legal jurisdiction operates