NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 69

state-sanctioned money to persist. Once we see the value in organic and elemental systems, our pursuit of ‘virtual’ reality and experience diminishes. Second, we can consider that the first order exchange by and between humans is the exchange of knowledge. From food to flourish to cures for disease, transfer of knowledge - how to feed, cloth, shelter, transport, and fellowship - are the fibers upon which the tapestry of civilization can be woven. And from this network of knowledge, temporary units of deferred value may provide the elasticity in interactions that serve a purpose and then, when fully utilized, can simply be set aside. If we were fully informed of all the facts of our life and what it takes to sustain its current expression, we’d probably encounter profound alterations in what we do and how we do it. ences or effects rather than the artifacts of status or isolating autonomy. In so doing, facility for optimized equivalent access for experiences of value exchange become emblematic of wealth manifest in network resilience and generative capacity. Wealth becomes a measure of the certainty an individual has in his or her ability to both produce and consume expressions of heterogeneous value. This expression is not an utopian ideal. For over 25 years, we’ve been conducting businesses and human engagements predicated on these principles and have succeeded in seeing them persist in widely varied communities around the world. For those who critique this as an illusive ideal, let me propose the following test. Using money, purchase a ticket to a movie in a 3-D, I-MAX, Dolby Surround Sound theater and fully drink in its violent virtual reality. Then, hold a lover in the grass under the Finally we’d recognize that, in those conmoonlight with as few purchased artifacts sidered instances where we seek to alter as possible and tell me which reality you the natural order to achieve a desired value more and which you’d exchange for outcome, the technologies we develop and money. deploy would ideally be viewed as vehicles for the manifestation of such experiEnd of Article