NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 68

humanity. Let’s cut to the chase. We can make and keep promises of value given and value received. Unfortunately, we’ve hybridized many of the core principles of such enough excess income to buy what I want an ecosystem out of our common considthem to have. The more I can reinforce the eration and our language. I’ve frequently encountered apologists for money who are perception of scarcity or the illusiveness incapable of considering a system in which of my offering, the more I can appeal to value is absolutely relative rather than the aspirational identification that inspires relatively normative. And let’s be real - the indebted consumption. In the best of all next time you swipe your credit card and worlds, I can price my product just beexchange a digital file for whatever you’re yond the transactional cost that would be consuming - are you more or less relative deemed “affordable” so that I can charge additional rent (in the form of financing) to than an explicit agreement between willing transacting parties? A consensus does not actually extract greater than market value reality make. In contrast, an explicit agreein the form of interest. ment binding on mutual interests forms the We are told of laws of supply and demand very basis of reality. only so that we don’t question the dynamic or the promoters of managed scarcity. We What does it take to have a monetary system that works? are told to be patriotic and fight and die in the “national interest” which is a cover First, we are invited to understand that the story for the ultimate bloody illusion. By shedding the blood of soldier and innocent “stuff” of life - matter and energy - exist alike, we are constantly reminded that we in perpetual phases and states which are need the State to insure access to the mat- ever in transition. Myths of entropic predilections merely evidence a perspectival ter and energy we’re told we need. Our enemy is merely the projected illusion on a myopia which fail to see entropy and order group or community that fails to acquiesce as cyclical and pulsatile. We are, in every to our managed scarcity mandate. And so moment, stewards of the matter and enerthey must die and some of us must die too. gy in our fields and the contexts we define around its recognition. Hydrogen and Bloody sacrifice to perpetuate our lust for separation is paid for - you guessed it - by oxygen don’t require our assent to flow as water. Sunlight and leaves don’t require our money and our complicit use thereof. our understanding to relentlessly produce Those who extol the virtues of modern ex- glucose. The presumption that human pressions of money as an efficient utility of effort is the agency through which value commerce do so in callous ignorance of the is perceived is a falsehood perpetrated price we pay for the perpetual indenture of by an industrial catechism which requires