NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 64

a considered enquiry into w e a l t h & m o n e y By Dr. David E. Martin Economics Advisor - New Earth Institute We’ve been indoctrinated to eschew this conversation. And the reason is quite simple. If you want to control a society, the single best way to do so is to create an idol so inextricably linked to everything so as not to invite the meddling examination of perverted human ‘nature’. Let’s get a few things straight. The notion that human beings can benefit from representational artifacts which signify the conveyance of value - money - has some practical utility. For the farmer who needs of a conscious mind at liberty. Make the idol seemingly innocuous - maybe out of something entirely impermanent like paper - so its gravity cannot be considered. Let it be the seduction whereby parents first instil incentives for good behavior or household chores with their children. Encourage religions to use it as the agency of laudable values like charity. Separate society between those “with” and those “without” to instil the essential dogma of scarcity and control. And before long, power, greed, dominion and oppression become entirely justifiable based on an alleged uniformity to plant grain months before the wheat is ground into flour and baked into bread, a unit of stored value makes sense. The energy and technology required to till the soil, plant the seed, tend the field, harvest the grain, mill the flour and bake the bread all involve labor and devices that have variable effective durations. As Earth has her seasons so to do the endeavors of its inhabitants. And between these seasons persistent stewardship is a valuable aspiration. Adding scale of community - in contrast to individual subsistence - means that production and consumption are pulsatile.