NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 62

“What about my personal relationships? Does a particular person’s energy cause my heart to contract or expand? How is my energy affecting him or her, in turn?” doves”(Matthew 10-16) we can learn to protect our fluidity without contracting into hardness. We can erect boundaries without becoming boundaries. Just as we can learn the body’s language of pleasure and pain and attune our ears to the sounds of harmony and dissonance, we can root out points of contraction in order to unlock the sweet song of expansion. This is just a jumping off point—yet another When we transition from contraction to exway to help us disband with the contracts pansion, we become fluid and unrestricted; of time, money, and fear and attain true we find we are able to move through life sovereignty. For we at New Earth Wellness and life can move through us. We become believe that wellness and sovereignty are more tolerant and more accepting of other two sides of the same coin. people’s energies and ways of being, acting, speaking, etc. Because we are open and fluid, we can easily make room for differences without compromising our own So, until next time, I leave you in values, just as a river can flow around the peace and love from the zero point of rocks that stand in its path. the expansive human heart. “Am I living a life I believe in or am I pretzeling around to fit into a life that cramps my spirit? If the latter, then why? Who am I trying to please?” However, firm boundaries are sometimes necessary to protect what is most sacred to life; sometimes even a river needs to be protected from the chemicals that would poison it. Fortunately, as we become “wise as serpents but harmless as volunteer or support the new earth oracle and End of Article To volunteer into the New Earth Institute please email;