NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 61

being, soaring energy, clear-headedness, and so on—all communicate to us that we are on the right track. Now, if we peel back another layer, we can see that even more than pain and pleasure, the body’s premonitory symptoms come in the form of expansion and contraction. All symptoms of pain can be traced back by hours, days, weeks, and even months and years to unconscious contraction. Unconscious contraction is the premonitory symptom of pain. The problem is that most people don’t ever notice it because they are unaware of how contraction and expansion fit into the order of Natural Law. So long as we are operating under the dictates of money, time, and fear, we will remain in an extreme state of contraction. Sadly, this is the norm for most people, so it goes largely unnoticed in our culture. Contraction is the held tension in the body that leads to calcification and decay. That’s why most people today are devitalized and aging prematurely. Until we become very conscious of the contraction reaction at every level of our being, and work consciously to reverse it, we will never discover our true potential as vast, unlimited beings. Even the most aware among us are still steeped in contraction. We must release the tension and ride waves of fluidity back to our flexible, free, expansive selves. You might ask, what will that feel like? What I have found as I’ve undertaken this journey from contraction to expansion is that my body ceases to feel like just a body that is useful for transporting me through life; rather, it begins to feel like an instrument of harmonious sensation, in which every organ resonates with song. I feel a vibratory hum with surges of brilliance in mind and body, as if my whole being is aglow with the golden mean of original design. There is no other feeling like it—it is the feeling of true health and wellness. The body sings with blissful sensation, the mind flows with ideas and solutions, the heart brims with love for all life forms. That is why I would do anything to be able to sustain this feeling, to unlock its secrets and share them with the world! So what are some practical ways you can move from the dark state of contraction into the bright song of expansion? It’s quite simple; you just have to be very clear with your intentions and stay focused. I recommend going through every category of your life, asking yourself many targeted questions, and answering them as honestly as you can. To get you started, here are a few examples of the kinds of questions you might ask: “What substances/relationships/habits/ thought patterns are contracting my life experience and which of those are expanding it?” “What are the things I can do to begin to dissolve the tensions and calcifications and restore lightness and flow to my life?” “What foods and food combination enable my system to flow and breathe more deepl y? Which substances nurture gentle but powerful growth, and which trigger violent triage?”