NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 60

tive diseases) and restore ourselves in all fields of our being to unveil the true human state! If the contraction reaction throughout the body prevents the organs, systems, and glands from resounding with their intended vibratory-frequency, imagine the untapped potential of all our functions! For instance, if there is a frequency at which the sacred chamber of the brain is designed to hum, what might we be missing out on? Telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or other elevated forms of vision and communication? Some individuals have discovered these powers and use them—are we to believe that they represent the exceptions of human design? Or is it entirely possible that it’s the rest of us who are stuck in a state of contraction, and thus blocked off from the full range of our functions? (provided the conditions are loving, harmonious, and conducive to expansion), but the goal is not merely to have periodic orgasms; rather, it is to unbind the whole organism—meaning the entire body, not just the sexual organs—so that the song of life can flow throughout. The natural song must be restored to each organ and system of the body for the whole to be restored. This is central to the law of interconnectivity and interdependence. Naturally, the opposite of contraction is expansion—love, beauty, harmony, and vitality are all qualities of expansiveness. One thing we holistic-minded enthusiasts know well is that it is impossible to separate one plane from another. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the impact of the feeling plane upon the physical plane. The great-grandmother of health and spirituality, Louise Hay, wrote a book called, The Body Never Lies. The title is brilliant enough in and of itself. Other greats, specifically, Greg Braden and Lynne McTaggart, emphatically declare that the body is the subconscious mind—which is precisely Louise Hay’s premise. This is why, when the body speaks, we must pay close attention, never dismissing even a subtle pain as insignificant, for the body is always communicating with us. Now let’s consider the dormant sacred glands in the sexual organs. My research and intuition tell me that the sexual organs suffer from extreme effects of contraction. So much contraction has been introduced to them by physical and spiritual tension that they do not resound with the powerful vibration they were designed to. The cervix, ovaries, and uterus should vibrate at a frequency that sings the song of feminine creative power. Instead, they are contracted and underfunctioning, and what most women experience even in an orgasm But how does it communicate? Firstly, it is a far cry from the expansive bliss of the communicates in the language of pleasure natural cervical song. and pain. Pain indicates that we are off track and being exposed to something unSome women are exploring the differences favorable. We get a headache, or we bebetween vaginal, clitoral, and cervical come weak, or we get sick or depressed. orgasms. This is a worthwhile starting point Pleasure—such as feelings of bliss, well-