NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 57

trajectory, and thereby root death and de- A life lived under the dark cloud of the cay out of our lives to the greatest possible money-time-fear paradigm creates nonextent. stop conditions of contraction on the human organism and energy field. Cell by cell, If we were conscious of the way contracsystem by system, organ by organ, thought tion weakens our state of being and invites by thought, emotion by emotion, we freeze death and decay, the prevention and reup and diminish our whole beings. Considlease of accumulated contraction would be er some of the symptoms and their connecour highest priority. Cultivating expansivetions with the etymology of contraction: the ness—e.g., creativity, lightness, flexibility, stomach gets “tied into knots,” the head freedom of thought and movement—would “pounds,” joints “stiffen,” breath is “short” be our highest cultural value and measure and “shallow,” the throat “closes,” the of success. voice “stammers,” bones become “brittle,” muscles “tighten,” heart valves “constrict,” As it is now, with the exception of only a blood “clots,” feet “cramp.” Even the mind few highly evolved beings whom we can is “hardened.” look to as guides, humanity en mass is in a state of continuous unconscious contraction. Central to the sovereignty movement is Stress is the greatest agent of contraction, the work of disbanding with those conbombarding us—to borrow language from tracts that have held us in bondage to the New Earth Project Founder Sacha Stone— dictates of time, fear, and money. These via “the gods of time, money and fear.” contracts actually cause us to contract. To Time, money, and fear are the unholy trin- take the semantic connection a step furity that have kept the world ticking for as ther, these contracts have defined us as far back as our history books take us. corporations (corp meaning “body”), undermining our individual and communal soverWe humans basically start contracting eignty as thinking, breathing, expansive, from this trilateral bombardment from birth; interconnected beings and reducing us to a babies and young children are especially single inanimate body subject to the rigid receptive to their environments and are rules of commerce. shaped by the frequencies in which they are bathed—primarily by the frequencies Everything we encounter in our world— of their parents, most of whom operate from the foods we eat to the emotions we in enslavement under the ten-ton bricks have to the energetic frequencies of our of time, money, and fear. Before most environments—has either a contracting or children can even taste the nectar of life expanding effect on us. We must underabundant, they are fighting for their life stand this phenomenon if we are to evolve submerged in the entropic cycle, well on from a state of unconscious contraction to their way to calcification and decay by way conscious, expansive engagement with of chronic unconscious contraction. ourselves, with one another, and with the world at large.