NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 56

from contraction to expansion t r a n s f o r m a t i o n By Natalia Rose, New Earth Wellness: Vision Keeper Have you ever noticed that the words typically used to describe curmudgeonly old codgers—such as calcified, stiff, inflexible—also happen to be the words that describe the intermediate stages of the death and decay cycle? On the trajectory to death and decay there are various stages of rigidity. In fact, we can actually reduce the whole death and decay cycle down to the one premonitory symptom that precedes all others: contraction. Contraction comes from the Latin root contrahere, which means “shrink” or “shorten.” Notice that in contraction we also have the term contract, as in those agreements entered into, knowingly or not, that we at New Earth Nation are disbanding with. Contraction also breaks down into contraaction—suggesting “going against” (contra) our natural, desirable action. Contraction, as I am referring to it here, is a defensive reaction to some alien threat. It is a kind of recoiling. We recoil when something is offensive to us. For example, when the body is instinctually repelled by a substance, it is effectively saying, “No, that’s not life-generating or viable for me. I do not wish to be exposed to that.” We contract around negative emotions, acidic substances, and ideologies that offend our nature, to start. By becoming conscious of the contraction reaction in all aspects of our lives—emotional, physical, mental—we may root out that first stroke of the decay