NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 52

C A M P L I B E R T Y BENTLEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA victory for the people against fracking coal seam gas mining by Maya Poole Anti –Fracking protestors in the small town of Bentley NSW, Australia, gathered together earlier this year. Thousands upon thousands of activists, farmers, knitting nanas, school children, housewives, hippies, environmentalists, artists and international travellers packed their bags, camping gear and outdoor woollies, braving the cold and the unending threat of police arrest, to set up a “Guardians Camp – Camp Liberty” in the rolling hills of Bentley. Unified by One cause, to protect the land and waterways against Coal Seam Gas Mining. The Blockade at Camp Liberty was set up in direct response to the State Government of NSW, Australia, issuing a Fracking Licence to Mining Company Metgasco without proper community consultation. Metgasco Mining Company had been issued a license to drill and inject a 200m steal pipe into the land to explore for gas. On the finding of gas, several pipes would have been laid across hundreds of kilometres of countryside and neighboring farms and chemical waste pumped into the earth via the mining company would have had a massive run off, polluting the pristine water ways, local farms and public water supplies nearby. The 1000’s of protestors holding vigil at Camp Liberty would indicate that we do indeed live in times where “showing up” to protect the land from contamination due to mining, in a Non-Violent, Creative and Co-operative Unified way is possible. Community Consultation is a basic Human Right, Clean Water is a basic human righ