NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 48

nectedness with all things, higher levels of empathy, decreased competitiveness and egotism, elimination of the fear of death, and a greater sense of peace and contentment. The spontaneous resolution or disappearance of serious diseases and allergies falls under the category of biophysical transformation, which is correlated with kundalini awakening as well as DNA activation. NDE’er Mellen-Thomas Benedict, for example, had an inoperable brain tumour prior to his 90-minute NDE. Post-NDE, his cancer was simply gone: it had vanished. NDE’ers also find quite often that their psychic faculties are put into overdrive post-NDE—whether they like it or not! In Transformed by the Light, Dr Cherie Sutherland offers the case studies of 50 Australian NDE’ers, at least one of whom reported that post-NDE they had become so telepathic that they were picking up on the internal monologues of people around them—totally unintentionally. love, compassion and total, unconditional acceptance is powerfully healing for many NDE’ers. Perhaps not surprisingly, many find that they spontaneously develop powerful healing faculties—even to the extent that they give up their careers to become energy healers! This suggests the activation of previously dormant sections of DNA (codons) involved in F