NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 43

work was virtually buried by the rampant success and notoriety of Einstein’s theories. In the 1950s—the same decade in which Dr James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the helical structure of DNA—pioneering Russian scientist Dr Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908–1983) conclusively proved the existence of this energy demonstrating that, like time (and not dissimilarly to DNA), it flows in a sacred geometric spiral, as I detail in The Grand Illusion – Book 1 (TGI 1). Russian scientists are reported to have written thousands of papers on the subject in the 1990s alone, and, more recently, award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein, along with his colleague Dr Elizabeth A. Rauscher, has re-worked Einstein’s field equations with the inclusion of torque and coriolis effects. Torsion Fields, Mental Intention, and Healing demonstrated by so-called ‘psychics,’ but they were also able to demonstrate effects that were never demonstrated by any ‘psychic.’” This “transcendent force” that is intrinsically unrestricted by the bounds of our space-time (and which, in the form of torsion/scalar waves, effectively operates billions of times beyond the speed of light) can account for the well documented remote healing phenomenon demonstrated in many studies, as well as more localized, short-range psychokinetic effects. (For a much more comprehensive exposition on such mind-matter interactions, see TGI 1.) Cell biologist Dr Glen Rein discovered experimentally that anger, fear and similar emotions have the power to contract a DNA molecule, compressing it. On the other hand, emotions such as joy, gratitude and love unwind or decompress DNA exposed to them. This effect could be created on samples If your “soul” is in fact a torsion field or up to half a mile away from the “sender” vortex in the fabric of space (or a structure of the emotion. Years earlier in Russia, of multiple nested vortices, as described by remote-influence experiments with human seers and occultists), then your conscious- targets presaged Rein’s results and proved ness, by definition, must survive the dethat remote human intention could be used mise of your physical body: it existed in the to affect physiological and conscious proaether/vacuum/time-space/implicate order/ cesses in a distant human target, as well zero point field before you ever obtained as to send telepathic messages. a body. This is exactly the perspective shared by physicist Fred Alan Wolf, who Pertinently, in another series of refers to the vacuum of space as “the home Rein’s exper iments, those with coherent of the soul,” from which the material world electrocardiograms could wind or unwind was actually born. DNA samples (not extracted from their own bodies) at will, while those with incoher Interestingly, the work of scientists ent heart energy could not. Furthermore, Gennady Shipov and Burkhard Heim “esin these experiments, simply feeling lovetablished that torsion generators allow based emotions was not enough to affect us not only to replicate all ‘phenomena’ the DNA samples: the intent to alter them