NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 37

JUICES & SMOOTHIES Directions The most important part of my day… Honestly speaking I have a NEED for my daily green juice hit! When I am travelling the first thing I look for is where can I get my freshly made green juice. If I am not able to locate a juice outlet I do find that I physically crave one after a couple of days. The instant hit of vitamins and minerals your body receives from these are addictive in a very good way. There are lots of different variations, but I find the most nourishing ingredient above all are sprouted sunflower shoots. I was educated on this miracle food on a visit to one of the most highly respected leading complimentary medicine clinics, in Palm Beach Florida. See more information on sunflower shoots in my section on Microgreens in My Top Vegan Must Have‘s on page 6. I buy mine on line at They are delivered still growing in trays which I keep in my kitchen and harvest as needed. If sunflower shoots are not available then I use kale and spinach, but experiment and find your favourite combinations. Greens are the most important ingredient of course, but depending on what I can find, I like variations with added beetroot, carrot, fennel etc. If you are just starting out then add an apple or two so it tastes more appealing , but then I recommend to try and cut the fruit down so that you take in more vitamins and minerals from just the greens in one juice. If you can get into the routine of making a green juice every day the benefits will far outweigh the effort. One other thought that I like to consider when taking my juice is that when you look around in nature, the main colour you will see is green. It feels very significant to me that as a living being on this planet through my choice of intake I can further connect with my natural surroundings. Green Power!!... It’s the Best! new earth project - vegan and raw recipes 17