NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 35

Sovereign Banking movement – what their small dedicated team has achieved to date is nothing short of remarkable – we will be sharing their story in the next edition of NEO. The New Earth Trust is also working with PayServices Inc. to launch the Zero Point Account and core NEX interfaces. PayServices bring to the table their robust Multi Value Clearing House banking software which enables users to attach multiple accounts to this Payment Card system. One single card will be capable of releasing funds from an unlimited array of: The card itself is very secure with no names, dates or CVV codes appearing on the card. Users will be able to generate an OTP (One Time Password/Pin) to settle transactions and also cancel the card via their mobile phones in case of theft/loss. This card will significantly alter the way cards fees and fee structures are enforced and dispersed. The Payservices Multi Value Clearing House platform will provide the foundation of NEX’s Zero Point Account when it launches in the near future. Stay tuned for more instalments of the New Earth Exchange launch – A New Earth is upon us! - Hard Currency Accounts (£, $ tc.) e - Complementary Currency Accounts - Alternative Currency Accounts - Commodity Accounts and more End of Article get your new earth promissories FOLLOW THIS LINK