NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 34

is determined. Unlike the legacy system where governing bodies can influence the market value by imposing taxes or engineering shortages and surpluses, the NEX places the decision to determine the value of a given exchange in the hands of the transactees. Take for example the trade of a car for baskets of apples… One might find 3 different buyers ready to purchase the car in exchange for 100 baskets of Apples, 200 baskets or 1000 baskets OR for that matter 500 or 1000 promissories. It is up to the seller to go to the “highest “or most preferred bidder to get his “money’s” worth ensuring true free market principles. The system over a period of time, running a value determining algorithm, will determine a mean OR median value (as appropriate) for any good, commodity or service and provide general suggestions either in specific units or ranges on the platform (in this case a website or application) for the user to lookup. Folks valuing the items of sale higher than this unit or range, are automatically encouraged to point out the features that make it worth as much. Building the New Earth Exchange At present the New Earth Trust is working with the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government and other key groups to establish a true Sovereign Bank. The Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government are true pioneers of the