NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 33

Since economics is a man-made creation, if we want to understand the economic problem and its solution we must understand how and why human beings act in this world. Economics is not a physical science that works according to natural laws. The link between economic activity and human consciousness becomes a fascinating foray into the psyche of the current system, as the ideas of economy are a fabricated set of ideals entirely created by human beings, from human minds; minds that can be swayed or work according to selfish or selfless agendas. A most important side of the economic equation therefore, is the human side, which is totally neglected in all discussions of economics and economic models. Investigation of the human condition provides insight needed to properly adjust all of the parameters of the economic calculus. The cost of human greed creates poverty and competition in a world where abundance is the natural state. Producing the desired results of effecting this natural abundance and balance between giving and receiving can therefore be injected into the financial system implemented by the human consciousness. resource backed currency that can be evidently seen in Russia’s move to back the Rouble with their Gold Reserves. A move about to be replicated by the BRICS and the formation of the BRICS bank. The second is the use of a plethora of alternative and complimentary currencies per individual community needs to raise the overall value of all currencies in rotation. Encouraging ecological regeneration Building upon both of these phenomena, the New Earth Exchange will soon be launching a multi-resource backed currency called the New Earth Sovereign. Unlike gold backed currency which is built upon the idea of “scarcity being more valuable” the New Earth Sovereign will be backed by all natural unmined, unharvested resources making it an incentive to ecological preservation and by extension a catalyst for enhancing natural abundance. This multi resource backed currency will be the New Earth Trust’s offering to the world as the Resource Based Economic Bridge that leads back to our treasured Zero Point Economy. In fact one could say that a Resource based economy is a mere extension of the ZPE that would allow Old Earthers to merge harmoniously into the new system in their given time. There are two major phenomena currently unfolding around the world which are already serving to diffuse the FIAT currency system; the first is the re-introduction of The application of Zero Point Economic principles within the New Earth Exchange also shifts the manner in which the price or cost of a good, commodity or service volunteer or support the new earth oracle and To volunteer into the New Earth Exchange development team please email;