NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 31

these principles as Zero-point economics – usury free mediums of exchange, resourcebacked currencies which encourage natural resource preservation, and mutual credit are examples of these. How does the New Earth Exchange work? The New Earth Exchange is an Economic & Financial System that facilitates gifting & exchange of all kinds of commodities, goods & services. By integrated certain of the historically successful aspects of legacy systems and methodologies with the latest technological solutions, the NEX offers a platform that stores, maintains and administers all transactional data. Reflecting the vedic elemental view which likewise underlies the structure of most of New Earth’s multifarious initiatives, the NEX directs all traffic/flow through primary operational silos, each represented by respective elements. This holistic model facilitates a true energy to value to energy translation system. Each of the five operational Silo’s functions in and of itself and interacts synergistically with the others. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Water NE Fund (NEF) Air NE Promissory (NEP) Space NE Gifting Network (NEG) Earth NE Reserve (NER) Fire NE Community (NEC) For a more detailed explanation of each of these components please visit: Acknowledging that the drift from the original gift economy on planet earth was caused by the introduction of barter systems (and following the logic that when one gets lost, retracing ones steps is often a good place to start!), the NEX reintroduces and encourages traditional barter systems, and provides a Gifting Network interface, as the pathways through which get your new earth promissories FOLLOW THIS LINK