NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 30

the better! Lighting the way Fortunately, in taking these next steps, there are noble pioneers who have lit the way – from books such as Sacred Economics and people such as Michael Tellinger, each supporting and suggesting the benefits of a cashless society. Michael based an entire political campaign around this and the Ubuntu party in South Africa, sadly he did not win a seat of influence, indicating that perhaps the world wasn’t ready for such a radical notion of freedom, or perhaps they just needed more ‘proof’ of their worth, but either way, the profile and idea of a new approach to money became seeded into the human consciousness through his, and others pioneering efforts. The question remains however as to how we can actualize these economic principles? Are they viable? If they are, what needs to happen for them to become available to the people? Chances are, if you’re reading this magazine, you have some interest in ‘making the world a better place’ and or recognize the dire need for change from within the self and from within the core of the systems that have enslaved us: time,