NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 3

foreword New Earth Nation grows from strength to strength - as simple testament to the emergent visioneering of the collective human heart. It is the place where living men and women take back a fragile planet and common dignity from the tired and bloodied hands of his-story. It is the place where we begin to fashion this world according to our highest intentions, our most noble expression and our fearless pursuit of bliss. It is also a place where we stop seeking permission - from rogue authorities, private corporations masquerading as governments and institutions which seek to perpetuate their own fictions by harvesting our innocence, our time, our energy and our capacity to believe. The New Earth Exchange launches in this issue of the Oracle - and we truly hope it may find resonance amongst those of you committed to empowering a truly robust alternative to the systemic evil of a global war-economy. This is our time - our space - our pursuit of the ‘other’ Vox Populei - Vox Dei – Sacha Stone