NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 27

volunteer To volunteer into the New Earth Exchange development team please email; New Earth Promissory is that of ‘Mutual Credit’. Phase 2: Zero-Point Account (ZPA), New Earth Fund (NEF) & New Earth Reserve (NER) launched The NES... is a multi-value backed currency. Issued with zero interest at source, it has a massive competitive advantage over ALL legacy currencies. The NEG... is a global platform serving to reconnect people within their local commuThe ZPA... is ‘the’ transition tool for the new nity through the simple and powerful act of economy. Operate you existing credit or sharing. debit card accounts, complimentary currencies and alternative currencies Transcending the legacy system notions of through one secure account facility with charity and emergency response, the NEC one anonymous card. Response Network empowers an enlivened humanity to respond to joys and sorrows The NEF... is prime repository for money, with abundance and generosity, where securities and other forms of property (ex- each response serves as a reminder to celcluding real property). Unlike conventional ebrate our explicit interconnectedness. fiduciary accounts, the New Earth Fund invests in and participates with investments Phase 4: Currency exchange platform that are indenture-free and productivity for exchanges between aligned. sovereign community currencies The NER... is a “storehouse” of wealth and abundance which is used as the prime reAs sovereign nations and micro-nations pository of assets and capabilities who ratify the New Earth Treaty (global stewarded by members of the New Earth covenant of peace and fellowship) issue community, making them available as their own resource backed currencies, the collateral for community undertakings. New Earth Exchange lives up to its name, providing the platform for ALL sovereign Phase 3: New Earth Sovereign (NES), currencies to be exchanged freely. New Earth Gifting Network (NEG) and New Earth get your new earth promissories Community (NEC) launch FOLLOW THIS LINK simultaneously