NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 26

awakening humankind. The value of a New Earth Promissory has now been set as being equal to $25.00 USD as of this Autumn equinox, the 21st September 2014*. This means that when the New Earth Market begins to accept New Earth Promissories, an item costing $50 (at today’s prices) will cost 2 Promissories, or a home costing $60,000 will cost 2,400 Promissories**. What does this mean for you? We are extending to all NE members the opportunity to participate in the New Earth Promissory system - meaning that you can now also participate in a mutual benefit society. We are offering a limited number of New Earth Promissories to our members for $12.50 USD (half their equivalent value*) 20,000 Promissories are being made available at this price and will never be this low again*… get your new earth promissories FOLLOW THIS LINK So now you can: - - Store your value somewhere where it wont be used to fund life-depleting projects and investments Receive an equivalent 50% discount on New Earth products and services as and when they become available - - Begin saving for a home in a New Earth Community (at a rate which means you will be able to buy a $60,000 home for an investment of just $30,000) Insulate yourself from the effects of inflation and currency devaluations All New Earth Promissories are issued to team members and purchasers alike on the understanding that they may be used to purchase residencies, homes or any products or services which become available as the various New Earth initiatives come online. It is understood by all who participate with the New Earth Promissory that, in the early years of the Project, there may not be enough residencies, homes or other products or services available through this program for all participants to ‘cash in’ their Promissories at will – that the ability to exchange those Promissories is subject to availability which will increase over time. Where demand is greater than supply, priority is given in all instances to those who have the highest Promissory balances and who have therefore made the greatest commitment to New Earth.* *see FAQ for further details **subject to availability The New Earth Exchange Launch Programme Phase 1: New Earth Promissory (NEP) availed to New Earth Members The NEP is a medium of exchange explicitly for use by New Earth Members and Communities. The economic foundation of the