NEO Magazine Issue 2 - Page 22

ples have come to believe. They feel that when humans are gone from an area long enough, they lose the practical knowledge about correct interaction, and the plants and the animals retreat spiritually from the earth or hide from humans. Building upon this, M. Kat Anderson wrote in her book Tending the Wild: The white man sure ruined this country. It‘s turned back to wilderness.” (Bill Reed, ‘Regenesis’) Regenerative development is the use of resources to improve society’s well-being in a way that builds the capacity of the support . . . contemporary Indians often use the word systems needed for future growth. ‘wilderness’ as a negative label for land that has not been taken care of by humans for a long time, for example, where dense understory shrubbery or thickets of young trees block visibility and movement. And correspondingly, James Rust, a Southern Miwok elder said: We are grateful for the opportunity to share the work of the most passionate, dedicated and continually innovative pioneers of ‘Regenesis’ group. With special thanks to Bill Reed and his associates guiding the journey of crossing the threshold. End of Article