NDBC Continentals Conclave 2017 - Page 16

The Dee Evelyn Matthews Public Service Project Yorktown, VA NATASHA House is a safe place for women and children that allows them to rebuild productive, thriving lives as they transition to permanent housing. Residents receive case management that teaches them how to live financially independent and how to maintain self-sufficient, stable households. The letters in "NATASHA" stand for: "New Alternative Toward A Secure Home Atmosphere" NATASHA House is the only transitional home for women on the Peninsula, with an effective mentoring/training program for both women and children. The home has five independent residence units with individual space for a mother and her children, and each unit includes its own bathroom. One of these five residence units is reserved for a homeless woman veteran. The common kitchen, dining area and other common spaces reinforce the family and group wellness. The home has a volunteer staff member on duty 24 hours a day and maintains a secure entrance which provides a true safe harbor for the women and children.