NCSTIIID Newsletter 2018-2019 Vol. 1 - Page 8


Peer Review: On September 24, 2018, ED released an updated State’s Guide to the U.S. Department of Education’s Assessment Peer Review Process. This document outlines the criteria and process for demonstrating that a statewide assessment system meets the requirements of the ESEA.

Timeline for ED Reviews in 2019

For 2019, ED has established two windows for assessment peer review:

1) In April 2019, ED will conduct the first peer review of English language proficiency assessments.

* States submitting for this review must submit documentation to the Department by mid-

March 2019.

* All States are expected to submit for this peer review.

2) In August 2019, ED will conduct a peer review of general assessments.

* ED is still finalizing the date for this review, so we will provide an update on when States

must submit documentation for this review in the near future, but States should plan for a

submission in mid- to late-June 2019.

Please contact your State’s OSS program officer at OSS.[State] (for example, if you have specific questions regarding the schedule for assessment peer review.

OELA Launches Third Data Story on ELs. OELA is pleased to announce the launch of a third interactive web page dedicated to data on ELs. This data story builds on previous data stories that examine the characteristics and educational experiences of ELs, and presents the most recent data on EL academic proficiency for states and selected urban school districts. It also provides state-level EL high school graduation rates and insights into changes in EL graduation and proficiency rates over time.

OELA Releases New Fast Facts

ELs in Charter Schools

EL Trends from the Nation’s Report Card

Raising Teens in a New Country: A Guide for the Whole Family, is now available in English, Arabic and Spanish.

This guide covers topics that often come up in families raising teenagers in the U.S. such as discipline, dating, driving, and cultural identity. It aims to remind newcomers that every parent worries for their children and most teens face these challenges. Our free interactive online training module is a convenient way for parents and teens to start conversations and learn more about each other. At this time, the guide is only available online.

American Educator Fall 2018 issue, Meaningful Classroom Talk: Supporting English Learners’ Oral Language Development by Aída Walqui and Margaret Heritage.

What’s New?

What’s New?