NCSTIIID Newsletter 2018-2019 Vol. 1 - Page 7

NCSTIIID Committees

The NCSTIIID is excited to announce the formation of 4 committees that will drive the priorities of the organization. We hope you lend your expertise by considering joining a committee that will inform and work to support the field related to English learners. If you are interested in joining, email Morgan Cox at with your interest.


Co-Chairs: Judith O’Loughlin and Karen Solis

This mission of the Advocacy committee is to act on behalf of the NCSTIIID organization as federal educational policy and legislation advisers. In this role, the committee will follow issues affecting the ability of English learners to access public education, under Title III, as well as, monitor upcoming legislation and legislative issues related to English learners, their educators, administrators and state policymakers. They inform the leadership of the National Council of State Title III Directors of any impending legislation that may be adverse to the goals and direction of the organization.


Co-Chairs: Morgan Cox and Tricia Kerr

The mission of the Communications Committee is to provide ongoing and relevant communication with the NCSTIIID community and members to develop a community of practitioners amongst states and districts.

The communications committee will establish a newsletter and will solicit content from board members, partner organizations, SEAs, and LEAs to be distributed at least 4 times annually. The committee will also establish NCSTIIID Board protocol in determining what is communicated, what modes in which to communicate, and the frequency in which the NCSTIIID board communicates with its members.

Professional Learning

Co-Chairs: David Nieto and Carol Salva

The mission of the professional learning committee is to contribute to the academic success of multilingual students/English learners by providing guidance regarding professional development best practices. Our work focuses on providing LEAs with guidelines about how to approach systemic and improvement-oriented professional learning. The committee will also collect experiences from SEAs and LEAs in order to provide ideas on how to best utilize federal funds with respect to training, coaching, mentoring and modeling. The committee will research, evaluate and recommend approaches that capitalize on existing expertise, online open source resources as well as education partners using research-based approaches to all topics related to the education of multilingual learners/ELs.

Standards and Assessments

Co-Chairs: Jesse Markow and Kim Miller

The mission of the NCSTIIID Standards and Assessment committee to advance member understanding in the fields of Standards and Assessment, as they relate to EL students.

The standards and assessment committee will lead the organization in creating position papers, issue briefs, white papers, and other means of communicating member questions and positions, provide members with a forum for discussing current issues in Standards and Assessments in a variety of platforms, and create opportunities for members to interact with experts in these areas in government, non-government, and corporate positions.

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