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Throughout history, textiles have played important roles in the lives and traditions of people of all cultures. These items have been constructed using a variety of materials and techniques – from natural to manufactured fibers. The speakers covered a variety of topics suchas the philosophy and mission of textile conservation, a variety of inherent vices, and stabilization efforts such as cleaning, apacking and handling practices. If you missed it, you missed a treat.

Ms. Newbold Richardson and Colleen Callahan discussed and displayed their recent textile preservation project- the only known American Revolutionary War framed knit Liberty Cap, which was worn by Captain Arthur Forbis. The cap is from the collection of the Greensboro Historical Museum.

Ms. Deb Higgins discussed the struggles with conserving large collections of quilts escpecially for a small museum. Ms. Wanda Lassister discussed her creative historic wedding dress exhibit.

Ms. Lynn Lancaster Gorges shared her process she went through to stabilize a civil war soldier jacket.

This year, NCPC tried something new with our venue. This annual conference was held at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center at NC State in Raleigh. This new conference space was not the most glamourous; however, with the money we saved on the venue, we were able to grant more scholarships and keep the cost down for registration. Also, our space was perfect size for our group.

2016 NCPC Annual Conference Recap

Unbroken Threads: Preserving Our Textile Heritage