NB Highlights Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - Page 9

Mr. James is the leader and organizer for the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. He has been organizing this trip for 3 years now. The process he uses is talking to parents and students in 7th grade about the trip. He says that with the students, it is the 1st chance to get out on their own and is part of growing up.

There is about 150 students who go on the trip. Students who gone on the trip in years past said that it was a very fun experience. Students also say that it is fun to get away from their families for a little while.

There are 2 major fundraisers and

one fundraiser is during the students

7th grade year. February through

March is when the 8th graders pick

their roommates and there is only

3 to 4 students per group.

8th Grade Visits the Capital Soon

"This trip always ends up

way more fun!"

- Mr. James

Congrats Quiz Bowl!!

Congratulations to the Quiz Bowl Champions!

Way to go Broncos!