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Monday, February 3rd. . .

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Friday, February 7th. . .

80s Rock

Grease Lighting

Throwback to the 90s

Roaring 20s

Blue & White Day

Spirit Week

To see the schedule for Snowcoming Friday, Click Here!

Snowcoming News

King Candidates: Alex Albrecht, Lucas Andrews, T'Rey Johnson, Brent Lange and Demarcus Wagoner

Queen Candidates: Page Barnes, Charlise Hyde, Amy Ludescher, Whitney Pettibone and Shyanne Utley

Junior Representatives: Kelsey Brace and Ian Liebler

Sophomore Representatives: Macie Bugg and Clayton Barden

Freshman Representatives: Thomas Gravely and Myah McLean

The Kings, the Queens, and the Reps


Similarly to Powderpuff, Powdertuff is volleyball but instead of all girls, it is all boys.

This is being held on Friday before Snowcoming. There will be one team per grade. The games will be Senior vs. Freshman and then Junior vs. Sophomore, and the winners will play each other after.

Sign up to play in the cafeteria during lunch, first come first serve!