NB Highlights Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - Page 16

Click here to learn more about suicide rates from the NEA!

The ISD received a mental health grant this year that allotted for

mental health awareness training for all secondary teaching staff in our county. This particular training is much like the medical first aid training but it is for mental health. Youth Mental Health First Aid provides those trained with basic knowledge of mental illness and how to recognize and respond appropriately when necessary.

As of now, there are some additional dates for the Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training if you were hoping to sign up. For those of you who have already attended a training, your certification is good for three years.

"Teaching didn't give me much one on one time with students. Becoming a counselor gives me more of that."

~Natalie Haver,


"I enjoy working with youth and helping people with mental health and their social tries." ~Amy Hyrman,


"I wanted to find ways to help students transition effectively to their next stage in life. "

~Sam Geiser,


Did you know 1 out of 6 students suffer with suicidal thoughts?

What made you decide to become a counselor/adviser?