NB Highlights Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 - Page 14

Kelsey Brace: "I didn’t really find bowling that interesting until my brother signed up for it in high school. Then, just watching him made it look really fun and my dad wanted to be coach for it so I decided to sign up. I’m not very good at all but I like to play because it’s fun and gives me something to do during the winter."

Since you have been a bowler for a few years, what's different about this season for you as compared to others?

Danny Nadolski: "A difference in this season is definitely the bowling ball I'm using. The two bowling balls that I currently use are more aggressive then the one I had last year.

Last year the ball didn't want to listen to me or curve. The two balls I'm using now just want to curve and listen more often then the bowling ball I used last year."

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What was the defining moment that led you to feel that bowling was your sport?

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