NB Highlights Thursday, March 13, 2020 - Page 9

A Sweet Melody

All the Way to States!

The Pre-Festival Concert

The bands had outstanding performances on Tuesday, February 25th. The 7th grade, 8th grade, and High School band had their chance to shine in front of their parents. After the bands were done, they got critiqued by one of the judges who would be a judge at Festival.

The Festival

On Friday, March 6th, the High School band performed yet again. This time there were 3 judges.

The band went on and played a piece for sight reading. They were given 5 minutes to read and practice the music. The band is then scored on how well they play the piece.

The High School band received all A's qualifying them for states. The 7th grade band received an A overall and they will be joining the high school band at states. The 8th grade band received an overall B.