NB Highlights Thursday, March 13, 2020 - Page 17

Curriculum Corner

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Egg Incubation

In the last issue, we reported on Mrs. Sieradzki's class hatch eggs in their classroom. The eggs finally hatched! The students watched over the eggs over 21 days in the incubator, and kept the chicks in the classroom for a few weeks after. The students also completed research on chickens based on their own questions. Finally, they presented what they learned to multiple other classrooms! It was an engaging and exciting few weeks!

North Branch Elementary will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, March 12th at 6pm to review all options that 2nd-4th graders will have next year, including teaming, multi-age, and COMPASS programs. Any and all parents are welcome to attend!


Elementary Open House

We will be having our Round-Up for new students who will be enrolling into Begin-a-Garten and Kindergarten. In order to create well-balanced students, we will be screening new students entering these grades. We have begun scheduling our new students in 20 minute time slots to be screened on April 7th. If you have not filled out a registration form for a screening time and you have a child who will begin either of these grades this fall, please contact the Elementary office to schedule a time.

North Branch Elementary will be hosting their 3rd Annual Family Math Night on April 15th from 6-8pm. This event is for students between Begin-a-Garten through 5th grade, and there are many activities that they can take part in. Click on the image on the left to see the full list of activities!

3rd Annual Math Night