NB Highlights Thursday, March 13, 2020 - Page 15

Saturday, February 22; the “Meet the Artist” Reception at Gallery 194 for students that have work on display for Michigan Art Education Association Region 10 Show. All 5 students were able to make it to the reception with many friends and family members in attendance. Pictured with their artwork: Brookelynn Franklin, Regan Healy, Isabel Swoish, Kinsey Cook, and Haven Link. Congratulations ladies!

Love the Artwork!

Buzzing Bees!

Congratulations to Luke LaValley, Jolee Debono and Klaudia Hartzman. They were the first, second and third place winners of the 5th and 6th spelling bee. Kellcie Smith will be the runner up with her 4th place win. 7th and 8th grade splling bee winners: 1st Brianna Clark; 2nd Olivia Blanzy; 3rd Allen Lester; runner-up Meris Cehajic

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Mrs. Rose and her team had a fantastic time at their Mock Trials. Each class had the chance to run through the trial twice. We overwhelmingly found Mae Tuck innocent. However, the kids had more fun finding her guilty and seeing her hauled away in handcuffs!