NB Highlights Thursday, March 13, 2020 - Page 13

Wellness Challenge

The staff-only gym was created to provide staff with an opportunity for drop-in exercise as well as scheduled fitness classes throughout the week. The facility, which features external access and is open for use before and after school, is housed in the district’s Ruth Fox Middle School. The facility’s use comes at no charge to the district’s staff.

NBAS Board of Education, administrators, and a special committee introduced the NBAS staff a free way to stay fit!

The challenge will end on March 20th and the building that wins will have 3 jean days. The days will be determined. It is never too late to keep logging your daily gratitude, water intake, and exercise. If you forget to complete the log, you can go back and enter your information, just make sure you choose the correct date on the form.

Click Here to Get the Fitness Challenge Worksheet to Record your Activity!

Currently, the Middle School is coming in first place. Click here to see the rest of the rankings!

The Wellness Challenge is a fitness challenge between all the schools in the district and the transportation center. They are competing to see who can get the most points from staying fit.