NB Highlights November 21, 2019 - Page 17

Quiz Bowl

November 21st matches found North Branch teams split winning half and losing half. Points are accumulative so all points count for the year end total.

Quiz Bowl competes against 14 other teams in the Thumb. North Branch has two teams and they answer questions regarding current events, core subject material and general trivia. There are generally four games in each match. The first three games are drawn and the last game is based on the points earned in the previous games.

Teams travel to compete all over the Thumb.


Pictured above: Lily Sergent, Noah Bruman, Nathan Coulter, Lance Turner, Xavier Huntez, Blake McCarthly, Gabrielle Hadden, Alee Dehaven, Seth Buckner, Sawyer Hyma, Alyssa Munro, Peyton Yens. Team captains are Gabby Hadden and Lily Sergent with alternate captains of Nathan Coulter, Lance Turner and Peyton Yens.