NAVEX 1st Quarter 2017 Edition First Edition

NAVIGAT R eXPRESS First Quarter 2017 • Quarterly Newsletter for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary ALL ACROSS THE USA USCG Auxiliary Remembers Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Story by Roger Bazeley Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and the associated memorials on Battleship Row is an experience beyond words as one is left to reflect upon the sacrifice and circumstances of the United States entry into World War II. The Battleship USS Arizona Memorial represented the beginning of the United States in World War II while the end of the war in the Pacific is represented by with the berthing of the Battleship USS Missouri where Japan signed the terms of their surrender and brought an end to the war. Auxiliarists Participate Countrywide Various events and parades were supported by other USCG Auxiliarists such as the members of the D11N Honor Guard from Alameda, California, Duane L. Blackwell and retired Superior Court Judge Chester Richard Bartalini who participated in The USS Arizona Memorial sits on top of the sunken USS Arizona, taken during 75th Pearl Harbor Day Memorial – Day of Remembrance. Continued on Page 2 Roger Bazeley, USCG Aux