NAV EX 3rd QTR. 2017 NavEx 3rd Qtr 2017 - FINAL Draft - Page 7

AUXAIR returned to Columbia, SC, thence to Morganton, NC. (2.1 flight hours) USCG Aux Photo Gold side appreciation Air Station Savannah had much to say about the activities of AUXAIR. Captain Marshall Branch, USCG Commander of Air Station Savannah was grateful: “You guys were AMAZING and we are in your debt for your incredible support. Thank you both for your professionalism and dedication to the mission!” CDR Tim Eason, Executive Officer, Air Station Savannah wrote: “Great job Ken & Doug! Thanks for the tremendous support that expedited getting our folks directly into and out of theatre!” LT Crystal A. Barnett, Administration officer, Savannah Air Station said, “Awesome Guys.” Throughout the intense 9-day period, the coordination provided by Auxiliary Liaison Officer (AUXLO) LTJG Rob Mineo was essential to the success of District 7. This period of intense flight activity demonstrates the seamless response that AUXAIR can offer when there is a strong bond of respect and trust between the AUXAIR cadre and the parent Air Station. This is the operational model that the Seventh District has implemented and continues to nurture. RIGHT ABOVE: Air Force One shares the tarmac with facilities from all the military branches. RIGHT BELOW: President Trump visits Coast Guard teams in Ft. Myers, Fla. The President’s visit was to thank and showcase the hard work and dedication of those teams in response to the Hurricanes. ABOVE: Video of the President’s visit. OR express USCG Aux Photo 7