NAV EX 3rd QTR. 2017 NavEx 3rd Qtr 2017 - FINAL Draft - Page 24

Auxiliary Public Affairs CONTEST WINNERS Every year the Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs Directorate has a contest to celebrate the best examples of our work. Each year I am amazed at the quality and originality of our members who produce this work, and this year is absolutely no exception. I want to thank all the members, Flotillas, Divisions and Districts who had a hand in creating these entries and I appreciate your submitting them for the PA Awards. - Rich Mihalcik, Director of Public Affairs PHOTOGRAPHY FELLOWSHIP – Coast Guard Active Duty and Auxiliary aviators share laughter and stories during the second annual Auxiliary Aviation Dining Out. The Fellowship social was attended by Coast Guard and Auxiliary aviators from across District 7 during DTRAIN. As a cornerstone of the Auxiliary, fellowship among our members is critical to mission’s success. Though our missions are not focused about the social aspect of being together, finding time after the fact to build friendships are key, many of which will last a lifetime. CG Auxiliary photo by Robert A. Fabich, Sr . MEMBER SERVICES – Coast Guard Auxiliary Color Guard stand ready at the District Fifth- Northern DTRAIN immediately preceding the formal dinner. Service to our membership goes beyond job performance. Being a part of a color guard at function is one example of how our members continue to support the Auxiliary each and every day. CG Auxiliary photo by Barbara Sama 24 NAVIGATO