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Coast Guard City Celebrates... of the Coast Guard Lauren Steenson, USCG Aux fire in 1871. However, Lake Michigan storms created havoc for boats and their crews and dozens of them are now resting on the lake bottom including the Rouse Simmons, known as the Christmas Tree Ship. 1871 was also the year that a group of volunteers got together to form a life saving team to rescue mariners at sea and later, by an Act of Congress, it became the Life Saving Service. In 1915 Congress combined the Life Saving Service with the Revenue Service which OR express was authorized in 1790 and created the modern day Coast Guard. This brings us back to Grand Haven which was the first Coast Guard City USA, this year celebrating the 227th anniversary of the Coast Guard. The city’s residents welcome over 300,000 visitors each year to the Coast Guard festival. It’s usually held during the first week of August and planners schedule numerous activities during the week in honor of the Coast Guard. 2017 was no exception. Some of Continued on Page 22 21