NAV EX 3rd QTR. 2017 NavEx 3rd Qtr 2017 - FINAL Draft - Page 16

Your Finest Hours Continued from page 15 A Decision Is Made. Fitzgerald continues: And then, there was about eight people left up at the top… Bernie told me that, I looked at Bernie, and thought: He is thinking about something? What in the hell is he thinking? He’s thinking we are already really overloaded… On what we’ve got now, I could take off and go back, back over the bar, drop these people off, come back over the bar, and get these eight people. Then he (Webber) said, what I thought was: Oh the hell with it, we are all going to live, or we are all going to die. I was hoping he was staying to get those eight people, and he did. are going to land. I am not sure exactly where we are going to land. Put the boat on the land and we are all going to jump off. Everybody says fine… The Sea Claims Tiny Myers So then, I went off that little hole I was in (the forward compartment), and I went along the side, and a guy that came down went in to the water. His name was Tiny Myers (George Myers). He was about … maybe … at the front of the boat, holding on to a line. We had already downloaded several people from the tanker. So I said: Tiny, come over to me, and we have people that can lift you off, right here, on the side. But he never did, and all of a sudden he disappeared…he kind of floated away. I think he got crushed between the boat and so he died. I did have hold of his hand when he jumped on the boat, but then I didn’t hold him. I just grabbed him and he slipped. He was a big guy. Naked on the top and all that stuff, he was more than a 300 pounder. So he died. But he was the only one that died. A Triumphant Return JH Do you remember what happened when you got back in to Old Harbor? AF Yeah we come in, and I guess all of the people from the town, they had heard that we had gone out, and they all went down to Old Harbor. The movie shows it, and I guess it is true that they put their lights on all the cars that came down. They figured… they didn’t know if we were coming back that way, or not, or what the hell we were going to do. Bernie said: We’re going to shoot for the coast and see where we 16 USCG Photo USCG Photo TOP: The Rescue Boat CG36500 returned to the Chatham Fish Pier with 32 survivors of the tanker PENDLETON after the rescue at sea. EN3 Andrew Fitzgerald is on the bow ready to handle the tie up at the pier. The other three men are PENDLETON survivors. ABOVE: Crew and survivors line up along the side of the boat to climb ashore. Webber Takes Care of His Shipmates JH Remember when they took you to Washington D.C. to give you the gold medal? Remember that event. Do you want to tell us about that? NAVIGATO