NAV EX 3rd QTR. 2017 NavEx 3rd Qtr 2017 - FINAL Draft - Page 15

st Hours 2 Legend To Life h, with Patrick Hickey PH I have a couple of questions. Give me some of what you did while you were out. How did the engine run for you? Did it die, did you have to restart it? AF It did start. That night, it stopped three times so I went down to start it three times, that night… You know, as a favor to him I was doing it, Fitzgerald said of his willingness to go on the case. Actually, I wanted to be on the damn boat, he added. PH Did you have any trouble with any of the electrical stuff like the lights. AF A couple of times things went out. Crossing the Chatham Bar PH How many times did you go completely under the water and come back up because of the waves? AF I know one time, it lifted me up about three feet I dropped down right back on the same spot. Bernie told me later he thought: God, I lost Andy overboard… because he saw me go up and come back down. But I was tough to get rid of. So I ended up crawling along on the side of the boat, and got back on 36500. JH Do you remember getting all the people off the boat? All the people coming down that Jacob’s Ladder? d high seas, the T/V Pendleton split in half off Cape Cod at approximately d, leaving the bow section without power. The stern section continued h the darkened bow section were Captain John Fitzgerald and seven become grounded 6 miles off Chatham Mass. No S.O.S. was ever issued. OR express 4 Fitzgerald said: I do, I remember going, and I thought there was 2 or 3 people on that tanker. And as we are pulling up, the rail … they all come standing along the rail. I said: My God, there are thirty or forty people there. It is thirty feet high up there. How do we get up there to get them off? They threw over a Jacob’s Ladder. They started coming down the ladder, so Bernie immediately went over to the side, and I got out of that little hole in the front, and I went on the side, to take the people off the ladders. Continued on Page 16 15 8