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Editor’s Note: In part one of this series, which can be found HERE, Engineman Second Class Andy Fitzgerald recounted how he became a member of the crew of motor lifeboat CG 36500, featured in the Disney Studios film The Finest Hours. Fitzgerald is the only surviving member of the crew. Your Bringing Fines The L Story by H W. Smith This article, and the one that preceded it, looks at the desire to serve through the example of a Coast Guard crew that served with distinction in the most dire of circumstances. It seeks to consider what happens when the abstract desire to serve becomes heroically real. It is in those stories that the bedrock Coast Guard values of, “Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty,” shine brightest. It is in the legendary actions of Coast Guard heroes that answers to the question of service before self can be found, particularly when times get tough. The Rescue What follows are some of Fitzgerald’s memories of the rescue as were related during an interview conducted by Chief Petty Officer Stanley Ritter (SR), Master Chief Petty Officer Jack Hunter, USCG (Ret)  H[]^[X\\[XXYZ\XX[\ K]XŒX^H  K]\[8&\[Y[]BY[Y]Y܈\]H[\HۛHH\وHۙ\[\Y]]\Y[\\Y Y BT‘]\[۝[Y\\X[ ^Z[΂Q\YHX\\ۙHوH\Z[š[H\X\ Hۙ]] [H ͍L \›ۙHوH\ ͈\HYX[\ݙ\[YBX\ Hۙ]] HX[H[Yۈ]\YKHۈ\H8)^H\H[\[ B[H[\[ HZY \H\H[[H\˜\[\K[HZ[YHH]O•]]\[YH\H\[Y MT“ۈXX\H N  NML\[H[ \[H8&ܸ&YX\\&H[H]ۛ[NLKK]H[YHوHXZH\[8&\\Z]XZ\\Y\]HܛX[K[Y[[XX[\H[Y[ˈۙH]\ܙ]Y[[\[Y\\ \وHX[ۈ[UQU