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r·si·ty os by Roger Bazeley dual is unique by recognizing our individual differences exual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical ologies. VISION: the Coast Guard will be recognized as the “service of Choice” in the federal government for recruiting, retaining and sustaining a ready, diverse and highly-skilled total Workforce. We will foster an environment in which every individual has the opportunity to prosper and contribute to Coast Guard missions. VALUES: HONOR, RESPECT, and DEVOTION TO DUTY-- the Coast Guard Core Values embody the very nature of selfless service achieved through the contributions of each individual. Leadership Accountability Goals and Performance objectives Develop methods to ensure leader accountability for implementing diversity initiatives and programs. Implement a communication and engagement strategy to keep members informed, gain involvement, and develop ownership to successfully address diversity management training, issues, and concerns. Utilize leaders at all levels throughout the Coast Guard/Auxiliary as force multipliers in promoting the importance of diversity in organizational climate. OR express 1. Fully Utilize Communication and Focus Groups to Improve the Workforce Cultural Climate 2. Capitalize on the use of social media to communicate the importance of diversity and to broadcast outcomes. 3. Expand outreach to Achieve Access opportunity for Under-represented Populations including those with Disabilities Strengthen our partnerships with the public and private sector as a force-multiplier for the Coast Guard. As we capitalize on agency relationships to achieve results, we will expand our coordinated efforts with external stakeholders through outreach activities. It is through these activities that we will spread awareness of Coast Guard opportunities and reach as many people as possible from diverse backgrounds and cultures Outreach and Marketing Goals and Performance objectives The Coast Guard must be in the field reaching as many people as possible from diverse backgrounds and cultures to increase awareness of all of our opportunities. We must also engage leaders within the community, government, academia, and industry in order to leverage their influence. Ensure equitable Hiring, Career and Volunteer opportunity for all Members With an over-the- horizon focus, we must prepare for the future by providing the keys to success to all members of the organization through timely Continued on Page 10 9