NAV EX 2nd Qtr. 2017 NavEx 2nd Qtr 2017 - Page 6

Your Finest Hours Continued from page 5 water. I checked the temperature of the water. I forget who told me… it was 32 degrees. I thought there’d be a couple of guys on this tanker … split in half … and as we are pulling out… I am in that little cockpit on that (CG)36500… and I look up and there is a whole line of people there. I said…how in the hell are we going to get up there and get them off? SR How long did it take you to find the tanker? AF I think it was only...we were about four or five miles maybe an hour or something like that. SR What kind of electronics did you guys have on the boat? Did you just get lucky finding them? AF Very little… JH Did you tell them about the compass…on your way out…do you remember that? AF Oh yeah. A big wave came just as we hit the sand bar…it was very dangerous…. But when we hit the bar…nobody liked the bar. But we had to go over the sand bar when we left our station. It was about five miles out I think, or something like that. When we hit it, a wave come up and lifted me up about three or four feet and then right back down. The way I got on a boat was originally about noon- time that day. I was at the station, and I was trying to figure out how I could get on a boat. I really wanted to go out on a rescue… SR The first rescue you were on was that one? Fitzgerald Gets His Chance Fitzgerald continued his story: Well I went out on a couple where we would rescue people off sandbars. Earlier that day…around noon-time… Melvin vR6V@wW2vWF&6RBRv2WfVV@bR2VvVB6RvVBvWB琦"FB6^( gvRFW&RvW&RFW"wW2FBvW&PƗGFRvW"F'WB&FǒWfW"vBFv`W6WBFrVRfb6B&'26VvWF&6W2FRB62( bF( BfVVvBB6CvVFW&R2&VB&6FW&RvF( BRv&6FW&RB6VWBRvVBfR&VVFPWBwWFvBb&BGvwW2vV@WBV&ƖW"&V6W6RBv2&B7F&Bv2ƖPs"vG>( fBFRvfW2vW&RvRBFP&BBFB7GVfbvW&RƖRCRFcfVWBv&VrGVג&VǒvFVBF&RFB&BfGvW&B6B6RvVBF&VBFR7FFࢄ6FҒvW&Rv2FV&WBSFRgFW&&W&RvV&&W"vWG26g&FRwWFBv26&vRbFR7FFआRvW2FW&RF֗&"6F62ЦB63vRvBRFvWBFFB( gGvFW'0fR7ƗBbRbFV7ƗBWBvvg&ЧW>( gFW6VBWBGv7WGFW'2FvFFVFR50f'BW&6W"FW"FW"7ƗBb&WBffP"6֖W2vg&W2g&W"7FFFR50VFWF6&W&RvWG26VBFFRff6RFPwW62v^( fR&VV6VBBFBFvWBFFBFW"FN( 2ǒffR֖W2g&W2vFPFR3cS623bfBF"ƖfR&BvF66Gb"FRVRVBfGvW&B6FVVC6vRfwW&RFW&R2ǒfWpVRBFRFW"&W&R6W2FRBR63vW&^( 2wW3&V6W6RRv6( BvrFFR^( dv2F&B672VvV( 63vvBFRvBwW2f#BRvV&&W"63vV( fP&VVFBFvWBBvWBFR3bfFW"3cS@vWBFFRFW"B6VRbvR6FR&GfbbFW&R&V6W6RFWB&VV6Ɩr6pFWB&&V2FW&R7ƗBb( 6v@FRvBwW2f#fGvW&B6VBvBЧFvvFRvV&&W"6B( ( F涖~( fW&R0ג66R6CvVwW22&6FW&R66( ЦvrFvvWBvV&&W"6B( R6( BFFBv( BWBRFFBfGvW&B&VV&W'26rvVvBvrFFFV6VBvV&&W#63vvFR&BvFRVBb'BV6RW2WB77VRf"FR66W6cW"fW7BW'0dtD