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Fitzgerald, born on March 19, 1931, did his best to remember that night 65 years ago when he, and his shipmates, made history. Masthead Fitzgerald’s Story SR Were are you originally from Andy? EDITORIAL STAFF AF From Massachusetts, I was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, me and Rocky Marciano. SR Why did you join the Coast Guard? AF Why did I join? I guess I just wanted a little bit of excitement. JH You told us in the past you didn’t want to carry a rifle… AF You know what? I would have a really hard time taking a rifle and shooting at somebody. SR And the draft was going on … Bret Fendt Editor Roger Bazeley Assistant Editor H William Smith Assistant Editor Zacary E. Wilson Assistant Editor Curtis Pratt Layout Editor Review Team Brian Harte Mary Patton CONTRIBUTORS AF So I thought about it and I said… well, the Coast Guard’s training to save people, and the other services are all trained to kill people. So that’s why I went in the Coast Guard… SR What units were you at…or stationed at? Where was your first station? AF I know I went to … it was on Cape Cod…it was at Chatham, I was at Chatham. I was at that station about three years…I was an Engineman 2nd. JH When you came out of Engineman School, did you go to Chatham? Was that your first station? AF That was my first place… at Chatham. We did go out. I ended up with a gold lifesaving medal. Because I went out one night. One day, one night, on a thirty six foot lifeboat… SR Do you remember much about the rescue that night? The kind of safety gear you guys had on? AF We had a life jacket. I think I had to take it off before I jumped in the OR express Navigator Express Continued on Page 6 Elizabeth Burgess “U.S. Coast Guard Fan” Robert Carlson District One Southern Joseph Giannattasio District Five Northern Patrick Hickey District Eight Western Rivers Sondra-Kay Keen USCG NATIONAL STAFF Richard F. Mihalcik Director of Public Affairs Thea Narkiewicz Deputy Director, Publications Thomas Ceniglio Deputy Director, Support Robert Miller, M.D. Division Chief, Publications © Copyright 2017 Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5 8