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1 2 Affectionately referred to as “The Shack” by resident Auxiliary members, the headquarters of Flotilla 08-02 (D5NR) Cape May, NJ is a national treasure first utilized in 1890 by the U.S. Lighthouse Establishment as a Boathouse and Waiting Point for Lightship personnel. The building served as a Coast Guard Life Boat Station in 1939 when the Lighthouse Service was amalgamated with the Coast Guard. On September 1, 1947, the building was licensed to the Flotilla. The Flotilla is tasked with routine maintenance and upkeep of the property, the members receive great satisfaction showing honor, respect, and devotion to duty by protecting and maintaining an important piece of Coast Guard history. 3 4 USCG Aux 4 5 The Reading Flotilla Training Base was donated to the local Auxiliary unit by the City of Reading, PA in 1953. The original building, which dates from the late 1700’s, was abandoned and in disrepair. Auxiliary volunteers rebuilt the structure and refitted all utilities. Materials were purchased by issuing debentures to the members. In the 1960s, an annex was added, again with member labor and donations. This annex added a new classroom and dining area to the back of the building. Today, the building serves as home to Division 21 (D5NR) and is used for meetings and fellowship, as well as public education and member training. OR express USCG Aux 5 USCG Aux Continued on Page 18 17