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Service benefits greatly when we incorporate diversity at all levels of the workforce: active duty, Reserve, civilian, and Auxiliary. Diversity ultimately enables us to better perform our challenging maritime missions. Instilling a diversity-inclusion mindset is a process deeply connected to organizational strategies and every Coast Guard member’s personal growth and development. Building a collaborative work environment for all employees is vital, particularly in today’s resource climate when organizations are compelled to operate with less money, fewer people, and expanding missions. Our people are our most important investment, and they deserve an organization that serves to engage and retain a best qualified and inclusively diverse workforce. Only then, can the Coast Guard address the globally complex mission support and response challenges of the 21st century.” NACO USCG STRATEGIC DIVERSITY PLAN NACO Policy: USCG Auxiliary Diversity & Inclusion Plan Implementation It is the policy of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to ensure that all citizens, regardless of race, gender, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical or mental disability have an equal opportunity to become a member of this organization. People from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests are welcome and encouraged to join the OR express Auxiliary to work side by side with us as we serve the boating public. The fundamental action imperative of diversity is to create an environment, which fosters an appreciation of the values, skills, and abilities of each individual member. Members are responsible to each other for promoting an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance and respect, for demonstrating a commitment to fair and equal opportunity, and for moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating our different backgrounds. We are committed to enjoying a diverse and inclusive membership. We all understand that diversity is not a problem to be solved, but that it is an asset to be developed. Very Respectfully Richard Washburn National Commodore “Moving Beyond Simple Tolerance” Promoting an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance and respect and creating an environment, which fosters an appreciation of the values, skills, and abilities of each individual member. - From the USCG Auxiliary Diversity Directorate 11